Working in Batches

There are *so* many new jewelry techniques and project ideas I want to explore! I love to learn new things and experiment. Mostly that’s a good thing. However, sometimes it just contributes to my scatterbrained disposition. I can feel almost frozen when I sit down at my work table, wondering where to start – too many ideas swirling around at once. I’ve found that these are the times that I really benefit from working in “batches”.

IMG_0695Here is a pic of my latest batch of wire wrapped links. It’s really quite therapeutic to go into a bit of an assembly line mode. While working on a repetitive task, two wonderful things happen. First, I’ve moved past frozen to productive. Conquering that little speed bump protects me from falling victim of an artistic slump – not a fun place to visit. Second, in just getting my hands moving my muse becomes more focused. Instead of fifty things I want to do, I’m able to decide what I want to make *next*. For some reason I still haven’t figured out how to do a million things at once, so this is a big help!

By the time I finished making these links, most have already been assigned to a design in my head. The ones that are left will go with my other finished findings and be happy discoveries next time I want to play with impromptu designs. 😉

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