Teacher Appreciation!

Image00004I’ve been a busy bee finishing up this collection of earrings for all of my daughters’ teachers. Their school is celebrating Teacher Appreciation week next week because this week is PASS testing. We are so lucky to have a great school and *amazing teachers* – I love making teacher gifts!

Image00002 It was really fun letting my muse take over and just put together a bunch of different styles. Sometimes I’d be in the middle of finishing one pair and I’d already know what I wanted to try next, and sometimes I’d just play and see what came to life in my hands. I wanted to have different options for the girls to choose from so that they could decide which earrings best “matched” each teacher. It was kind of funny that there wasn’t much hesitation, and no arguments. Each pair seemed to speak to them very distinctly to tell them who they needed to belong to. My girls are excited to give them out next week and I’m hoping their teachers enjoy them!




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