Get out comparison – you’re not stealing my joy!

Magpie_swooping_signThank goodness for the wonderful online community of jewelry artists! I stumbled upon an amazing video today in my email. (Yes, in my own inbox – don’t even get me started on how scary it is in there, yet another to-do item.) Anyway, I’m *so* glad that I had subscribed to Laura Hagan’s blog posts. She shared a moment of discouragement and self doubt that really struck home for me today – and even better, she spoke about getting past it.

She makes beautiful pieces, so it was amazing to me to hear her speak on self doubt – and it really gave me a boost to know I’m not alone in these types of feelings. It can be a bit scary when you decide to follow your dream, it’s a lot easier to just talk about it. I’m glad there are other regular down to earth people willing to share their journey. Thanks Laura!

Here’s a link to her post – very empowering! Art Show Psych Out


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