Blog: What is work, anyway?

IMG_0573Okay, I’ve lost too much time lately to my new “day job” – is that what I call it? I’m wary of calling it my “real job” because I’m trying to get going on this Magpie stuff – so I should see at my jewelry biz as my “real job” then – right? All so new and too confusing – I’m still adjusting to the realization that I’m finally making a go at doing what I love! Add to that my penchant for getting sidetracked in details and you’ve got a recipe for long-time-no-blog. What my family and friends so lovingly refer to as perfectionism (probably closer to OCD) can also be a bit of a problem: ie: today when my husband (Gosh he’s brave!-did I mention that I also harbor a bit of a rebellious/stubborn streak?) told me I was spending too much time messing about (sucked into the computer) perfecting logos and business cards and needed to get back to actually making some jewelry!

Well, he was right. So I printed out the earring cards and got those set. Maybe not perfect, but they sure looks better than my pile of finished pieces on a tray! Then I finally got my torch out to play with – it was a Christmas gift. I’ve been wanting to experiment with making some balled headpins. I tried several gauges of wire and had fun with it. I also learned a few things – always fun to experiment! I needed this reminder to let myself play – that’s when the creativity comes.

Here are my first balled headpins. I’ve already made a couple things with them and have some ideas of what I want to try next! So…back to playtime!


Blog: New Beginnings

I design and create handmade jewelry. I feel like I’m confessing some deep dark secret here: “Hello, my name is Taran, and I’m a jewelry artist.” It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time, but really became passionate about during this past year. It began as an innocent fascination with all the amazing beads I was coming across in local craft stores etc. I got hooked – from natural polished stones to Czech glass, to lampwork and beyond. I’m also itching to get my hands on some of my favorite precious stones and more pearls, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Apparently beads were my gateway to what has become my calling. Pretty soon I had moved beyond crimp bead creations to wire work. Sterling silver jewelry had long been my favorite, but when I started working with copper as my “practice material” I found a new friend. I adore the warm tones created by the antiquing process, and it’s so exciting to take a piece through all the steps and witness the transformation. I get lost working in my studio – and I love it! Most of my work currently consists of copper pieces, but I do want to eventually include more silver also. I fancy mixed metal pieces too – just need to save up for some more silver. The cost of silver right now – oy, don’t get me started.

So here I am: working on turning my hobby-turned-obsession into my career. I got my Etsy shop up this week – with the invaluable help of my AMAZING husband. I chose ten pieces to start with and then futzed around with the camera for ages trying to get decent pictures to post. There are so many elements to decide: backgrounds, inside or outside, angles – and of course figuring out the camera itself! It was fun though – I can see that the photography itself may become its own animal. The next step was the website and the accompanying blog. My super hero husband got that up for me, and I just need to add all the content. Just for full disclosure here, as I’m writing this it’s now past 5:00 on Friday despite “write first blog post!” being the number one item on my to-do list today. I got caught up messing about with my tools and the next thing I know I have a new batch in line for the old liver of sulfur (pee-ew – but worth it!). Two Pairs of MagpiesHere is one pair of soon-to-be earrings that I can’t wait to antique and polish up. I think the pink chalcedony briolette drops are going to look fantastic combined with some warm patina – what do think? I’ll try to remember to post an after picture on Monday before I get carried away again. 🙂