I’ve toyed with various creative media throughout my life, and like many children wanted at one point to “grow up to be an artist”. Now as an adult with a family of my own, I’ve finally come to embrace the fact that part of me will never grow up – thank goodness.

As I’ve worked my day jobs and been raising my children, my closets have come close to bursting with all my creative experimentation. I’ve dabbled in everything from painting to scrapbooking, and wood burning to stained glass. Several years ago, on a whim, I bought some pre-made jewelry findings and beads at a local hobby shop – little did I know at the time that I had found my calling.

It wasn’t long before I had outgrown my meager supplies and I wanted to start making my own findings – clasps, headpins, etc. – there’s just something so very satisfying about creating something from scratch. I love to learn new things so I scoured the library and internet for information on jewelry making. I am completely self-taught – lots of trial and error – and that’s what makes it both exciting and personal. I’m constantly finding new techniques which inspire me to try something new, and so my work is always evolving. Simple wirework led me to try to dapping, then my first butane torch, and I’ve added some stamping and copper etching to my work.

My eclectic style allows me to experiment with all different techniques. One thing remains constant: my commitment to creating comfortable, strong, and truly wearable jewelry. Dress it up, or dress it down – this will be your next go-to piece of jewelry as you run out the door.